It’s only Wednesday???

No clue where the last couple days have gone.  I haven’t worked out yet this week and I am feeling it.  I get almost crabby if I don’t.  The last couple nights have been busy.  Vikings played Monday night, Twins played last night.  Not that I watched the games.  My hubby did,  while I chased the kids…maybe that counts for a workout?

A little victory for me today.  I was able to wear a shirt I bought last year.  The reason why I didn’t wear it until now was because my stomach was still messed up from having my baby last August.  I hung onto the shirt hoping one day I could wear it.  Today was that day.

My pants on the other hand were too big!  I didn’t have time to check myself before I ran out the door, but when I got to work, a few people said something.  Nothing bad, just comments like: “wow, you are losing weight…look at those pants!  You need to go shopping!”

I laughed and laughed even more when I did see myself.  Here are the photos to prove it…

Sorry about the jeans…forgot they were there!

Hard to tell on this photo, but it looks like I have no butt!


~ by Kris on October 7, 2009.

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