It’s only Tuesday…

Maintained weight this week…again.  I can’t seem to bust out of 190.  I wonder why?  Geez, as I am enjoying a coffee and cookie at my computer (at work), I just can’t figure out why I’m at a plateau for so dang long!  (note there is sarcasm going on here in case no one gets my humor)

Saturday was my PT session with Trainer Matt.  Here’s what he had me do and what my routine is for the week:

Table top


Cobra (all 2 sets of 15 reps)


Walking lunge w/rotation

Pushup Plank (all 2 sets-lunge 12 reps, plank 30-45 sec)


Rev. lunge w/touchdown

Hand taps (2 sets-10 reps lunge, 20 sec. hand taps)


Walking lunge w/press (3 sets 12 rep w/8 pounds then had to go down to 5)

High plank hold (3 sets 30 sec)


Squat to row (3 sets 15 reps 25 pounds)

Step up to curl (3 sets 10 reps 8 pounds)


Cable chest press

Cable hold (3 sets 15 reps 10 pounds)


Got my zones plugged into my Polar and I’m going to continue doing the cardio workouts they recommend to improve my cardiovascular endurance.  Now I need to figure out when to get into the club this week.  I already blew off Sunday and Monday.  Tonight I get my ‘do done (very excited about that).  Wednesday is Sami’s preschool conferences and then I’m going out with my sis later to see a local band perform at a benefit.  Thursday and Friday are good.  Saturday morning is my last PT session.

I need to decide if I’m going to continue with Trainer Matt.  I really like him, but since he’s one of the veteran staff there he is $99/hr.  I got in on this deal where they were doing 3 PT sessions for $99.  He does have a female PT in mind for me who is $70/hr after our sessions are done.  I just need to decide.

I also brought up the Country Music Half Marathon/Women’s Retreat with Corrine of Phit n up to Paul last night.  His first response was no.  He doesn’t get it.  I tried explaining everything to him, but he just didn’t understand.  I was upset.  After a bit, he asked why this was so important to me.  Then when I started explaining, somehow we got interrupted and never finished our conversation.  I think he will come around.  I just need to give him some more time.

By the way…I am going to throw out my second cookie right now.  Yup, just did it…it’s in the garbage now.

Better get back to work!


~ by Kris on November 17, 2009.

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